Seaside Rackets has opened a NEW at 260 N El Camino Real D, Encinitas, CA 92024.

Store Hours: Mon 10-5pm,Tues-Thur 10-6pm,Fri 10-5pm,Sat&Sun-10-3pm; featuring Tennis, Squash, and Badminton . All the latest Yonex, Wilson, Gosen, Karakal badminton equipment.

UP TO $75.00 OFF SELECTED RACKETS !!!! ARCSABER-11, GLAN-Z,Astrox-77, Astrox-88D, Astrox-88S, Astrox-99, Astrox-100, Duora-6, Duora-7, Duora-8DX, Duora-10, Nanoflare-700, Nanoflare-800