Spec Color Metalic Blue Upper P.U. Leather ,  Double Russell  Mesh,Tough Guard Ⅲ Midsole Feather light , Power Cushion ,  Power Hyper Carbon sole Plate ,Solid EVA cushion Outsole Rubber Size 6-13 Men's sizes Yonex has released the "Power cushion member F1 / F1 Ladies" of badminton shoes,they are new products that are designed with an emphasis on weight reduction. In recent years, the expansion of speed in the game of badminton is proceeding at a light speed rate, in response to that speed in the  footwork , ultra light badminton shoes are required. Power Cushion Men F1 / F1 Ladies, increased productivity by improving the shape and  fit of the entire shoe sole making it  lightweight, enabling the agile footwork. Features of the Product] and 10% lighter than conventional products by minimizing and reducing the number of the sole portions in the Upper, this does not affect the grip.This is the lightest badminton shoes Yonex has ever produced. [(F1 Ladies 24.0cm) (F1 Men 26.0cm) 230g ... 265g weight] Based on the analysis and operation of the shoe, the  foot shapes  the outsole according to its behavior and agile movement. In addition, the insole is to prevent the displacement of shoes and feet when the footwork is ultra fast, enhancing the design and fit. • Built-in sole portion "Power cushion ®" material combines the repulsion force, shock-absorbing bounce . In addition, performance has been improved in the three-layer structure than the power cushion of the heel. Reduce the number of upper parts, reducing the overlap between the materials. In addition,  we have achieved a significant weight reduction in adopting the new  method of attachment shoe parts by thermal bonding.


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